Humayun's Tomb is a tomb monument inspired by Mughal architecture . It is situated near the Deenapnah of New Delhi i.e. near the old fort near Nizamuddin east of Mathura Marg . Mamluk dynasty in the land Kilokri used in fortresses and Naseeruddin ( L268- L287 ) son was the capital of the then Sultan Kekubad. Here the main building is the tomb of the Mughal emperor Humayun and there are tombs for Humayun's tomb, along with many other princes. And The first example of Mughal architecture in India . This is the same charbagh style in the tomb , which gave birth to the Taj Mahal in the future . This mausoleum was built in 1562 under the orders of Humayun 's widow Begum Hamida Banu Begum . The architect of this building was Syed Mubarak Ibn Mirak Ghaythuddin and his father Mirak Ghaiyythuddin, who was specially summoned from the city of Herat in Afghanistan . The main building was built in almost eight years and became the first example of Charbagh style in the Indian subcontinent . Here the first time the red sandstone was used on such a large scale. In 1993, Humayun's Tomb was declared World Heritage Sites in India. Humayun's Tomb Building Complexp was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO .





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